There is the need to train capable leaders able to express their willingness to engage in the issues and challenges they see around them. NGEnvironment will train such leaders, helping to develop the skills needed to find creative solutions to local/regional problems, though associativism, recognising potential leadership and harnessing such qualities for the benefit of the environment and of others, through job creation, social inclusion and active citizenship, sharing benefits with all – as the true objective and building block of NGO democratic and open participation and of sustainability. The project will demonstrate, as intended by the European Commission, that green entrepreneurship is an effective means to boost employment and the efficient use of natural and social capital.

The project aims at stressing that 1) independent groups of citizens organized in the form of an NGO can have a significant positive impact in their community, boosting change, engaging in new participative models of governance and decision-making led by peers that ultimately may result in more confident, happy, informed and contributively active societies; and that 2) the much needed sustainable and eco-friendly businesses can also promote social inclusion and represent a true social impact. NGEnvironment will provide evidence, and then teach why ‘green objectives’ should be embedded in everyone’s daily lives and attitudes, as the protection of natural resources and the environment directly affects each and every individual citizen anywhere in the world.