Meeting Overview

Short Informations on the NGEnvironment meetings:

Meeting 1:

Partner Meeting 1 will be held in Portugal. At this meeting a framework for quality management will be agreed; guidelines for the engagement with stakeholders will be set down; a research framework will be agreed; the training framework will be agreed that incorporates the learning outcomes matrix and the pedagogic strategy; a valorisation strategy will be agreed that outlines key roles, responsibilities and tasks to be carried out by each partner; a project branding strategy will be agreed; and partners will discuss the development of the proposed audiovisual and learning resources and the observatory. Acrosslimits will present a functioning prototype project website and a draft structure for the observatory to be discussed, and also the project branding solutions to be discussed. Group for European Integration (GIE) will present the communication plan for NGEnvironment.


Meeting 2:

Partner Meeting 2 will be held in Spain hosted by Asociación Cultural y Medioambiental Permacultura Cantabria (ACYMPC). This meeting coincides with the ending of the research phase of the project and the Summary Research Report will be presented for final tuning. The induction programme and the training course structure and contents worked so far will be presented, discussed and tuned according to the research findings to be included. Future in Perspective (FIP) will present the work done on the audiovisual pieces for discussion with partners in order to allow timely adjustments. Acrosslimits (AL) will present the updates on the website and a functional structure for the observatory to be discussed. This meeting will be very important to make final tunings to all outputs before its piloting in the first multiplier event and training course.


Meeting 3:

Partner Meeting 3 will be held in Italy hosted by Sinergie Società Consortile a Responsabilità Limitata (SINERGIE). This meeting will take place at the same time of the pilot training course. The first multiplier event should have had place earlier in month 11 and partners will discuss lessons learned. The audiovisual engagement package updates will be present for joint discussion on improvement to make regarding further events. The online observatory will be presented already with some cases documented and partner will discuss needed improvements, if there are any.


Meeting 4:

Partner Meeting 4 will be held in Greece, hosted by Society for Environmental Education in Corinthia (EPEK). This meeting will coincide with the interim report preparation and will be an important moment for partners to reflect on the projects’ course, work done, quality of all outputs and resources, implementation of event/training and to conduct a more thorough internal evaluation regarding project management and implementation.


Meeting 5:

Partner Meeting 5 will be held in Malta hosted by Acrosslimits (AL) and will coincide with the beginning of the development of the ‘Survival guide for NGO Founding and Funding’ and the policy paper. These outputs will be presented as a draft structure to be discussed among partners and final structure will be agreed on. Also, the final layman report first insights will be presented and discussed so that partners can agree on a structure and contents.


Meeting 6:

Partner Meeting 6 will be held in Germany, hosted by University of Paderborn (UPB). It will coincide with the completion of project activities, the presentation of a well advanced layman final report, reflection and internal evaluation, and the hosting of the Final Conference when the Policy Paper and all other project outputs will be presented. A minimum of 58 representatives of all project target groups will attend. This event will be streamed live by web-cast.