Project activities

Short information about activities and Intellectual Outputs (IOs):

IO1: deleted in the application process


IO2: Induction to Pedagogy for NGO staff

Within this induction training, which will mostly be in a format of e-learning, based on electronic resources, existing NGO staff members will improve their pedagogical skills regarding communication, openness to answer questions, pedagogical methods, risk management and conflict resolution, among others.


IO3: Training package for social and green NGO leadership

A bespoke, modular (5 days) leadership training course that specifically addresses the development of management and entrepreneurial skills for the NGO sector.

While the full list of topics to be addressed will emerge from the research conducted it is anticipated that, at a very minimum, the proposed new training course will include all the normal leadership and entrepreneurship development modules like; (1) introducing leadership; (2) introducing green and social entrepreneurship; (3) creative thinking, initiative, self-confidence; (4) idea generation and evaluation; (5) testing and prototyping the idea; (6) communications and outreach; (7) funding mechanisms.


IO4: deleted in the application process


IO5: Engagement toolkit

This output will then be a comprehensive engagement toolkit that will mostly support and inform field work to engage potential new NGO leaders to take part of the immersion programme and the training course; existing NGO leaders and staff members to enlist to the project’s online platform and observatory and to be willing to host the immersion programme.

The engagement toolkit will comprise a variety of means specifically tailored to different and very specific audiences identified during the research phase, and may include short videos (for portable devices), specific brochures, booklets or leaflets, scrapbooks and photographs, info graphics, audiovisual testimonials, among others; being different in approach, design and contents from the products generated for the general dissemination of the project.


IO6: Audiovisual instructive package

To complement the Induction to Pedagogy for NGO staff, the NGO immersion program and the training course a set of 5 audiovisual products will be developed, mainly in the form of 3 minutes videos and animations. Additionally, a set of 3 videos will be created throughout the project lifecycle.


IO7: Survival guide for NGO Founding and Funding

This output will specifically provide aid to citizens willing to create their own NGOs or to take part of an existing one in an educated way. It will consist of a step-by-step guide explaining all legal and practical requirements needed to found and manage an NGO.

It will also suggest funding mechanisms and provide important ‘surviving’ tips provided from experienced leaders. In brief, it will provide an excellent up-to-date starting point providing tailored support to new NGO leaders.


IO8: Policy paper

The policy paper will address the main findings of the project, provide evidence and discuss why a change of NGO policy approach might be relevant – at least in the green and social fields; the policy options available; the pros and cons of each option; and the impact and value for money resulting from NGO action. Finally the policy paper will recommend a course of action based on the experiences and lessons learned in the course of the NGEnvironment project.


IO9: Layman report

The report will summarize the project’s rationale, objectives, methods, and main results achieved, and provide evidence-based critical discussion on the role and potential that NGOs and civic action have in promoting change engagement for achieving collective sustainability.