Meeting 6 – Online Meeting – Germany


M6 – NGEnvironment Agenda – Online Meeting-July 2021


Meeting Minutes:

6th NGEnvironment-Partner Meeting_Meeting-Minutes


Participant list:



Declaration of Attendance:

Declaration of Attendance_SINERGIE

Declaration of attendance-Layman Report Conference_Christos

M6_NGEnvironment_Declaration of attendance_ Sebastian Koppius_UPB_Scan

M6_NGEnvironment_Declaration of attendance_ Arantxa Aguirre_PC

NGE-M6-declaration of attendance-Brandon Vella

NGEnvironment_Declaration_Laymen Report Conference_SK

NGEnvironment_M6_DoA_Ana Carneiro NGEnvironment_M6_DoA_Sarah Keegan



A – M6 – NGEnvironment_Welcome

B – M6 – NGEnvironment_Current project status

C – M6 – NGEnvironment_Current project status_UPB

D – M6 – NGEnvironment_Internal Evaluation

E – M6 – NGEnvironment_Meeting Evaluation

F – M6 – NGEnvironment_Next steps





Steering Committee:

NGEnvironment_6th Steering Committee


Participant list of the Steering-Committee:

M6-NGEnvironment-6th Steering Committee_Participation-list


Meeting Minutes of the Steering-Committee:

6th NGEnvironment-Steering Committee_Meeting-Minutes


Paticipant Declarations of the Steering-Committee:

Declaration of attendance 6th Meeting_Christos

Declaration of attendance_ 6th Steering Committee_Arantxa Aguirre_PC

Declaration of attendance_ 6th Steering Committee_Marc Beutner_UPB

NGE-6th steering committe-declaration of attendancce-Brandon Vella

NGEnvironment_6th Steering Committee_DoA_Ana Carneiro

NGEnvironment_6th Steering Committee_DoA_Sarah Keegan

NGEnvironment_Declaration_Steering Committee 6_SK