Meeting 4 – Online Meeting

The fourth meeting was conducted as Online Meeting via ZOOM.

Agenda and Minutes:

A – NGEnvironment_M4_Welcome_final version



Participants List:

4th NGEnviornment-Conference_Participation list_Online Meeting


Declaration of Attendance

Declaration of Attendance_Meadley_AL

FIPL_Mike Keegan Declaration of Attendance

Declaration of attendance_Federica Lo Cascio_SINERGIE

Declaration of attendance_Georgeta Chirlesan_GIE_Signed

Declaration of attendance_Denise Echterling_UPB

declaration of attendance_Carmen Andreea Burcea_GIE_Signed

Declaration of attendance_Carmen Solla_PC_signed

Declaration of attendance_Arantxa Aguirre_PC_signed

declaration of attendance_Artur Pinto_RC

Declaration – GREECE

declaration of attendance_Ana Carneiro_RC


A – NGEnvironment_M4_Welcome_final version

B – NGEnvironment_M4_Current Status

C_NGEnvironment – eLearning Platform – Presentation

C_NGEnvironment – Website – Presentation

D_NGEnvironment Online Meeting – FIPL – Presentation

E_ESP_Presentation IO2 and IO3 testing

E_GER_ NGEnvironment_Testing IO2 and IO3

E_GRC_IO2-Testing-Induction for Pedagogy Staff-Presentation_GR

E_GRC_IO3-Testing-Training package for social and green NGO leadership-Presentation

E_ITA_NGE_TPM4_Module testing Italy_SINERGIE

E_PRT_IO2-IO3 – Pilot testing-presentation RCA

E_ROU_NGEnvironment_Testing IO2 and IO3

F_DEU-NGEnvironment-M4-Next Step in the NGEnvironment-UPB

G_DEU-NGEnvironment-Steering Comittee Meeting NGEnvironment-UPB



NGEnvironment_4th Meeting_EvalReport


Steering Committee

4th NGEnviornment-Steering Commitee_Participation list_Online Meeting


Confirmation of Steering Committee Attandance

Steering Committee attendance_Federica Lo Cascio_SINERGIE

Steering Committee M.K

steering- GREECE

Steering Committee_Meadley_AL

Steering Committee attendance_Georgeta Chirlesan_GIE_Signed

Steering Comittee Attendance_Artur Pinto_RC

Steering Committee attendance_Carmen Solla_PC

Steering Committee attendance_Federica Lo Cascio_SINERGIE