Gestione del progetto

PM – NGEnviroment-Dissemination-Valorisation Plan-DRAFT

PM – RISK REGISTER Nov 2018 – NGEnvironment

PM – Diss Tools and Eng Toolkit – As from meeting – Final

File di divulgazione:

Report di Disseminazione

Report di Disseminazione -Report Settembre 2018- Maggio 2019:

Dissemination_Report_Sept 2018- May 2019

Report di Disseminazione – Giugno 2019 – Marzo 2020:

NGEnvironment_Dissemination Log_June 2019- March 2020_2nd interim Report

(a) Poster

Poster generale del progetto

PM-UPB-NGEnvironment Poster EN

PM-UPB-NGEnvironment Poster DE

PM-UPB-NGEnvironment Poster SP

PM-UPB-NGEnvironment Poster GR

PM-UPB-NGEnvironment Poster IT

PM-UPB-NGEnvironment Poster PT

PM-UPB-NGEnvironment Poster RO

Poster informativo del progetto

  1. Poster informativo del 1° meeting

PM – PosterDEFINITIVOKickoff_204_NGEnvironment_EN

PM – Poster DEFINITIVOKickoff_204_NGEnvironment_- DE

PM – PosterDEFINITIVOKickoff_204_NGEnvironment_GR

PM – PosterDEFINITIVOKickoff_204_NGEnvironment_IT

PM – PosterDEFINITIVOKickoff_204_NGEnvironment_PT

PM – PosterDEFINITIVOKickoff_204_NGEnvironment_RO

PM – PosterDEFINITIVOKickoff_204_NGEnvironment_SP

2) Poster informativo del 2° meeting

Information poster_M2 Spain EN

Poster M2 Spain_DE

Poster piece of news_M2 Spain_ESP

Poster M2 Spain GR

Poster M2 Spain – IT

Poster M2 Spain – RO

Poster M2 Spain PT

3) Poster informativo del 3° meeting

Poster M3 in Italy -EN

Poster M3 in Italy_GER

Poster piece of news_M3 in Italy_PT

Poster  piece of news_M3 in Italy_ES

Poster M3 in Italy – RO

Poster M3 in Italy GR

Poster M3 in Italy – IT

4) LTTA Poster

4th piece of news_LTTA in Italy_EN

4th piece of news_LTTA in Italy_GER

4th piece of news_LTTA in Italy – RO

4th piece of news_LTTA in Italy PT

4th piece of news_LTTA in Italy GR

4th piece of news_LTTA in Italy_ES

4th piece of news_LTTA in Italy – IT

5) Poster informativo del 4° meeting

5th piece of news_M4 online_DE

5th piece of news_M4 online_ENG

5th piece of news_M4 online_ES

5th piece of news_M4 online_ITA

5th piece of news_M4 online_PT

5th piece of news_M4 online-Gr

5th piece of news_M4 online – RO

6) Poster informativo del 5° meeting

6th piece of news_M5 online EN

6th piece of news_M5 online GER

6th piece of news_M5 online – RO

6th piece of news_M5 online_SP

6th piece of news_M5 online-PT

6th piece of news_M5 online – IT

7) Poster informativo – IO2 / IO3

7th piece of news_ IOS23_EN

7th piece of news_ IOS23_GER

(b) Flyer e Leaflet

PM – NGEnvironment – Leaflet_DE

PM – NGEnvironment – Leaflet_RO

PM – NGEnvironment – Leaflet_EN

PM- NGEnvironment – Leaflet_ES

PM – NGEnvironment – Leaflet_GR

PM- NGEnvironment – Leaflet_IT

PM – NGEnvironment – Leaflet_PT

Have a look at the deliverables of IO5 (Engagement Toolkit)

(c) Newsletter

No 1)

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 1 – EN – final

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 1 – ES

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 1 – ITA

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 1 –  RO

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 1 – PT

NGEnvironment_Newsletter 1 -GER

NGEnvironment-Newsletter 1  GR

No 2)

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 2 –  EN

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 2 – ES

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 2 –  PT

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 2 – RO

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 2 –  ITA

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 2 – GER

NGEnvironment-Newsletter 2 GR

No 3)

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 3 – DE

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 3 – ES

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 3 – EN

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 3 – IT

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 3 – PT

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 3 – RO

NGEnvironment – Newsletter 3 – GR

(d) Dichiarazioni dei partner

NGEnviornment_Statements of the partners_EPEK

NGEnvironment – Statement for dissemination – GIE

NGENVIRONMENT_partner statement_RCA

NGEnvironment_Statements of the partners_PC

NGENVRONMENT_partner statement_FIPL

NGEnvironment  Partner Statement_AL

NGEnvironment Germany Partner Statement_UPB

NGE_Statements of the partners_SIN

IO 1: ntesi del rapporto di ricerca

IO1 – About the NGOs in Germany- Final

IO1 – About the NGOs in Romania – Final

IO1 – About the NGOs in Malta – Final

IO1 – About the NGOs in Portugal

IO1 – About the NGOs in Spain _

IO1 – About-NGOs-in-Ireland-Final


IO1 – About the NGOs in Italy

IO 2: Formazione inziale alla pedagogia per il personale delle ONG


IO2 – NG – Information on the structure

IO2 – NG – NGEnvironment – IO2 Induction to Pedagogy – Format

IO2 – NG – NGEnvironment Lesson Plan – Module form

Modulo 1

O2-NGEnvironment Lesson Plan – Module 1

NGEnvironment_IO2 -M1-Part1

NGEnvironment_IO2 M1_Part 2

NGEnvironment_IO2-M1-Part 3

Modulo 2

O2-M2-NGEnvironment Lesson Plan

NGEnvironment – IO2-M2 PART 1

NGEnvironment – IO2 – M2 PART 2

NGEnvironment – IO2 – M2 PART 3

Modulo 3

O2-NGEnvironment Lesson Plan – Module 3

NGEnvironment_IO2 – M3 Part1

NGEnvironment_IO2 – M3 Part2

NGEnvironment_IO2 – M3 Part3

Modulo 4

O2-M4-NGEnvironment-Lesson Plan-EN

O2-M4-NGEnvironment-Blended Learning in NGEnvironment Part 1-EN

O2-M4-NGEnvironment-Blended Learning in NGEnvironment Part 2-EN

O2-M4-NGEnvironment-Blended Learning in NGEnvironment Part 3-EN

Modulo 5











IO3: Pacchetto di formazione per la leadership delle ONG sociali e green


NGEnvironment – IO3 – Training package for social and green NGO leadership

Modulo 1

NGEnvironment Lesson Plan – Module 1_LeaderShip NGEnvironment_IO3_Module1_Introducing leadership_Unit1_P1_leadership NGEnvironment_IO3_Module1_Introducing leadership_Unit1_P2_leadership NGEnvironment_IO3_Module1_Introducing leadership_Unit1_P3_leadership

Modulo 2

IO3 Module 2 – Part 1

IO3 Module 2 – Part 2

NGEnvironment Lesson Plan -IO3- M2 final

Modulo 3

IO3 Module 3_ Creative thinking, initiative, self-confidence Part 1

IO3 Module 3_ Creative thinking, initiative, self-confidence Part 2

IO3 Module 3_ Creative thinking, initiative, self-confidence Part 3

NGEnvironment Lesson Plan -IO3 M3

Modulo 4

NGEnvironment_IO3_Module4_Idea generation and evaluation_Part 1 NGEnvironment_IO3_Module4_Idea generation and evaluation_Part 2

NGEnvironment Lesson Plan – Module 4- Idea Generation

Modulo 5

NGEnvironment_IO3_Module5_Testing and prototyping the NGO idea – Part 1 NGEnvironment_IO3_Module5_Testing and prototyping the NGO idea -Part 2

NGEnvironment Lesson Plan – Module 5- Testing and prototyping the NGO idea

Modulo 6


Module 6 – Lesson Plan

Modulo 7


Modul 7 – Lesson Plan_ENG

IO4: Piattaforma Online e Osservatorio


O4-NGEnviornment-Showcases and Online Observatory-EN

Intervista Italia:

Intervista Germania:

Intervista Grecia:

Intervista Portogallo:

Intervista Romania:

Intervista Irlanda:

coming soon

Intervista Malta:

coming soon

Intervista Spagna:

IO5: Strumenti per il coinvolgimento

NGEnvironment – IO5 Research Guidelines – Final

NGEnvironment _IO5 Report_GER

NGEnvironment _IO5 Report_GIE-RO

NGEnvironment _IO5 Report_Rightchallenge-PT

NGEnvironment _IO5 Report_Sinergie-IT

NGEnvironment _IO5 Report_ EPEK

NGEnvironment _IO5 Report_Acrosslimits-MT

NGEnvironment _IO5 Report_FIPL-IE

NGEnvironment _IO5 Report_PC-ES

NGEnvironment _IO5 Summary Research Report

Prodotti dell’Engagement Toolkit (in Inglese):

IO5 – NG – NGEnvironment – Brochure1_EN_30.10.2019
IO5 – NG – NGEnvironment – Brochure2_EN_30.10.2019
IO5 – NG – NGEnvironment – Infographics1_EN_30.10.2019
IO5 – NG – NGEnvironment – Infographics2_EN_30.10.2019
IO5 – NG – NGEnvironment – Leaflet_EN_30.10.2019

Prodotti dell’Engagement Toolkit nelle lingue dei partner del Progetto


NGEnvironment – Brochure1_EN_12.11.2019_Final_Deutsch_

NGEnvironment – Brochure2_EN_12.11.2019_Final_Deutsch_

NGEnvironment – Infographics1_DE_12.11.2019_Final_Deutsch

NGEnvironment – Infographics2_DE_12.11.2019_Final_Deutsch

NGEnvironment – Leaflet_EN_12.11.2019_Final_Deutsch


NGEnvironment – Brochure1_ES

NGEnvironment – Brochure2_ES

NGEnvironment – Infographics1

NGEnvironment – Infographics2_ES

NGEnvironment – Leaflet_ES


NGEnvironment – Brochure1_IT_20.11.2019

NGEnvironment – Brochure2_IT_20.11.2019_DEF

NGEnvironment – Infographics1_IT_20.11.2019

NGEnvironment – Infographics2_IT_20.11.2019

NGEnvironment – Leaflet_IT_20.11.2019


NGEnvironment – Brochure 2 Greek

NGEnvironment – Brochure1 Greek

NGEnvironment – Infographics1_EN_12.11.2019_ Greek

NGEnvironment – Infographics2_EN_12.11.2019_Greek

NGEnvironment – Leaflet_EN_12.11.2019 Greek


NGEnvironment – Brochure1_EN_12.11.2019_Final PT

NGEnvironment – Brochure2_EN_12.11.2019_Final PT

NGEnvironment – Infographics1_EN_12.11.2019_Final PT

NGEnvironment – Infographics2_EN_12.11.2019_Final PT

NGEnvironment – Leaflet_EN_12.11.2019_Final PT


NGEnvironment – Brochure1_EN_12.11.2019_Final_RO

NGEnvironment – Brochure2_EN_12.11.2019_Final_RO

NGEnvironment – Infographics1_EN_12.11.2019_Final_RO

NGEnvironment – Infographics2_EN_12.11.2019_Final_RO

NGEnvironment – Leaflet_EN_12.11.2019_Final_RO

PPT-Slideshows dei partner del Progetto:

Slideshow UPB

Slideshow_- SIN

Slideshow – AcrossLimits

Slideshow RightChallenge

Slideshow – GIE

Slideshow- IO5 PC

Slideshow – FIPL

 Slideshow EPEK

Video per il coinvolgimento

Testimonianze dalla Romania:

Testimonianze dall’Italia

Testimonianze dal Portogallo:




Testimonianze dalla Germania:

Testimonianze dalla Greciia:

Testimonianze da Malta:

Testimonianze dalla Spagna:

Testimonianze dall’Irlanda:

IO6: Pacchetto istruttivo audiovisivo

Video per il pacchetto didattico audiovisivo

NGEnvironment_Script_1_ Understanding NGOs and modern leadership

NGEnvironment_Script_2_The NGEnvironment project and its outputs

NGEnvironment_Script_3_Training Programme for current NGO leaders

NGEnvironment_Script_4_Training Programme for future NGO leaders

NGEnvironment_Script_5_The immersion programme Leadership Seminars and the local training

Versione Inglese

Versione Italiana

Versione Spagnola:

Versione Greca:

Versione Portoghese:

Versione Tedesca:

Versione Rumena:

NGEnvironment Video Testimonial Guidelines

(these videos are coming soon)

IO7: Guida alla sopravvivenza per la fondazione e il finanziamento delle ONG

NGEnvironment_IO7 Draft

IO7 NGEnvironment – Main needs of NGOs in Spain

NGE_IO7 Survival guide for NGO

NGE_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_table of contents_report your country

Survial Guide – Final versions

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_general version_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Germany_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Greece_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Ireland_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Italy_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Malta_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Portugal_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Romania_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Spain_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Germany_German

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Greece-Greek

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Ireland_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Italy_Italian

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Malta_English

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Portugal_Portuguese

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Romania_Romanian

NGEnvironment_IO7 Survival guide for NGO_Spain_Spanish

IO8: Policy paper








IO9: Layman report

NGEnvironment_IO9_Laymans Report_ENG

NGEnvironment_IO9_Laymans Report – PT 

NGEnvironment_IO9_Laymans Report – ES

NGEnvironment_IO9_Laymans Report- GK

NGEnvironment_IO9_Laymans Report_IT

NGEnvironment_IO9_Laymans Report_GER